Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Ghoulies Are Back

Every year at this time, isn't it fun to start decorating the house for fall and then Halloween?

If you are anything like me, unwrapping small knick knacks to place on a rack in the kitchen is sure to be exciting and fun.

Re-discovering the little doodads, remembering past years and past celebrations, is part of the delight.

Little "witchy" and "vampire man" are back as well as mummy and ghosties that spell "boo."

Pumpkin man and a small basket filled with apples are in some of the rack's cubbies as are scarecrow, squirrel and many more little smile-makers.


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Elaborate Photo Album from the Heart of a Friend

For this year's September birthday, a very dear friend, Jana, gave me a gift that was truly from her heart.

She's an amazingly artistic and talented woman.

She made a photo album that is one of the most unique and gorgeous ones I've ever laid eyes on. 

Each lovingly made page is like a work of art.

She knows pink is my favorite color so the flowers on the front of the album are bright and cheerful pink!

There are pink accents, including small, darling roses, throughout the entire book.

It's going to be great fun deciding which photos to put in this most beautiful book.

This kind of gift is extra special because it's a gift from the heart of a friend. 

Next time you have the opportunity to celebrate someone's birthday, consider giving a gift from the heart.


Birthday Remembrances

Of all the awesome holidays that deserve celebrating, birthdays are among the most important, don't you think?

After all, the day we were born is extra special.

Our Moms gave each of us a something very special on that day-----the gift of life, itself.

September is my birthday month and I love celebrating every single day.

The actual day was great fun as well as all the days prior to it.

There are just a few more days in the month and then it will be over. 

A very dear friend in Arizona taught me about remembering each day of one's birthday month. 

She celebrated each day of her birthday month from start to finish. 

It sounded like a good idea to me so have been doing that ever since! 

Greeting cards bring great joy to me so  all month long I couldn't wait to look in the mailbox.

All the cards are immediately placed into a holder on the front hall table.

Hubs bought me a dozen of truly exquisite roses in my favorite color, pink! 

They are in a deep shade rather than pastel.

Friends and family members made me feel very special and for that I am deeply grateful.  

In an upcoming post, we are going to show you a very special hand-made photo album that was one of my birthday gifts from a very dear friend.

This is the handmade card that came with it, which shows you how talented she is!

Next month you are going to come along with hubs and me when we visit a Victorian Inn.

An overnight stay there was a surprise gift given by our daughter and son-in-law.

 It was yet another momentous gift I was so blessed to receive!

Now, please think of how YOU can celebrate when your next birthday month rolls around.

Then you can tell us all about it!

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