Monday, January 23, 2017

What's For Lunch?

Weekends tend to be very busy.

So when one decides to invite friends to lunch, it has to be fairly simple.

One way to do this is to prepare as much as possible in advance.

There was a luncheon here on Saturday so Friday night found me chopping cantaloupe, honey dew melon, fresh pineapple chunks, and  watermelon----all for a big, luscious fruit salad.

The dining room table was also set in advance for six guests, using my favorite Old Country Roses dishes.

Orange cupcakes with orange frosting ( added fresh orange juice to butter and confectionery sugar) were also made.

Saturday morning found me adding coconut to half of the fruit salad and leaving the rest plain. 

Cut up strawberries were added and fresh raspberries and red grapes topped both.

It was also time to make two dressings----lemon and raspberry vinaigrettes.  

The former requires freshly grated lemon peel and the latter, fresh raspberries squished up. Both dressings turned out well.

Loved using the Victorian cheese cover for the butter dish!

Blue cheese chunks were served on the side. I love this cheese but it's too salty to enjoy in quantity.

Sliced roasted chicken on lettuce mixed with chopped carrots and soft rolls with butter rounded out the luncheon.


Saturday, January 21, 2017

Four Freedoms

Four freedoms are very, very precious.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, in 1941, spoke about them in a speech to the nation and they still hold true today.

In a nutshell, they are:

1) Freedom from fear
2) Freedom from want 
3) Freedom of religion
4 Freedom of expression and speech

Today, any American who cherishes those freedoms must realize that whenever even one of them is threatened, they are all threatened.

Freedom comes with a very big price.

As those in the U.S. Military have often expressed, "Freedom is not free" and that is true for all of us, wherever we live.

Every person has to do his or her part to fight to maintain precious freedom.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Flowery Thoughts to Perk Up a Winter's Day

Thoughts of fragrant hyacinth, jasmine, and lilacs give hope on a dark winter's day.

It's with great joy that I clip pictures of gardens and articles about fragrant flowers and paste them in my gardening scrapbook.

That is a scrapbook of future gardening dreams-come-true!

While at Trader Joe's last week, the first thing seen upon entering, right near a fresh flower display, were  humble little hyacinth plants.

Tags noted that some were white and some were pink.  Pink!  Fabulous. That's my favorite color.

Despite being on an extremely tight budget that day, a little "hya" made it as the first item into my cart. It cost $2.50.

She now sits in the center of the kitchen table on a pink tinged plate.

Little by little, her tightly closed buds are opening and blooming into mini-pink  fragrant "firecrackers." 

Oh such joy it is to stick my nose into the fabulous smelling blossoms.

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